Live chat and standard message

Understand the basic functions of live chat and standard message.

Page introduction

After logging in to ChatSmart, you can find three sections on the main inbox screen.

  1. The chatroom section on the left side of the screen

  2. The live chat section in the middle of the screen

  3. The customer information section on the right side of the screen

Live Chat

All conversations sent and received, whether answered by an agent or a bot, are recorded in detail on this page. For information on how to broadcast messages, please click here.

Sending Message

When you click on a conversation on the left, the live chat section in the middle will display all the conversation. You can start by typing messages in the text box, and send attachments* or emoticons. After editing the text, press the green button on the right to send the message.

*The following file types are allowed as attachment: mp3, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, mp4, m4a, webm, pdf, vcf, ogg, 3gpp, wav, mov, acc

You will find notifications that display the number of unread messages next to the account name.

Standard message

To quickly reply to a customer, you can use the standard message, which offers you with customized message templates. Simply click the folder button on the left of the reply bar and select standard reply. Please click here for details on creating or modifying the standard message templates.

Standard message

Assignment rules

Please note that by default, all new conversations are assigned to the “Chat to Bot” section. You can build a chatbot to automatically reply to your customers (for how to create a chatbot flow for your customers, please click here), or assign a conversation to a designated agent for further follow-up.


To build the chatbot, simply press the robot button in the upper right corner. A green light indicates that a chatbot has been successfully assigned. Press the button again to turn it gray and cancel the chatbot.

Agent successfully assigned
Bot successfully assigned

Conversations Assignment

To assign a conversation to an agent, simply select the agent from the List of Assignees (next to the robot icon in top right corner), and the assigned time will be displayed in the Live Chat section. If the conversation has been assigned to an agent, that agent’s name is shown in the List of Assignees.

Conversation successfully assigned to an
Assignee List

To exclude an assigned agent, simply press the gray button "-". Then click the icon of the assignee, and press "Finish" when done.

Exclude assigned agents
List of assignees

Message Filtering

You can filter the dialogue rooms by following the 3 methods below: The Chatroom section offers three ways to filter your conversations so you can sort them easily for follow-up:

  1. Filter by communication channels

  2. Filter by “Chat with Agent” or “Chat with Bote”

  3. Filter by assigned agents

All conversations are displayed in the "Chat with Bot" section by default after the first connection to the ChatSmart platform.

Filter by communication channels

ChatSmart supports omni-channel messaging, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, and WeChat. Once logged in, the system will automatically download all the communication channels that have been connected to ChatSmart. To use a specific communication channel, simply click its icon under the search bar and you can view all the conversation in that channel.

Filter by message channels (as shown in the orange rectangle)

Filter by “Chat with Agent” or “Chat with Bot”

All conversations will be subdivided into “Chat with Agent” or “Chat with Bot”. After logging in, the system will display all the conversations replied by agents .To filter all conversations that have been answered by robots, click “Chat with Bot”.

FIlter conversations by assigned agents

By default, the system will display all the conversations in ChatSmart. Simply click the button under "Chat with Bot" to filter conversations by pressing "Assigned to me", “New requests," or "Assigned to others."

Scheduled Message

To set a specific time to send messages, you can use the scheduling message feature. Simply click "Schedule" in the customer relationship management section. Then enter the message name,content and set the sending time, and finally click the send button.

Schedule Message Layout

You can also view and quickly edit the customer relationship management in the About section, including first seen, email, gender, age, etc. To export or import many customer information, please refer to the Customer Relationship Management section.

View Customer Relationship Management
Edit Customer Relationship Management

Add tag

You can tag your customers under the Customer Relationship Management section so you can sort them easily. After clicking "Add tags'', select the tag and press the "Add" button to add it successfully. To create new tags or modify tags, please refer to the Create and Manage Tags section.

Add tag

Add Notes

To add a note, you can click "Add" at the bottom of the note in the Customer Relationship Management section. Then fill in the information and press the "Save" button. For example, if the client is a foreigner, you can add "Foreigners- English Communication" in the note, as shown below:

Add Note

Create and Manage Standard message

Create standard message templates to respond to your customer promptly while avoiding repetitive work.

You can follow the steps below to create and manage standard reply.

Create a standard message

  1. First click Settings > Live Chat Page

  2. Then click "New Folder" to create a new folder

Standard Message Layout
  1. Enter the name of the folder. Select the message channel, the team and the assignee in charge

  2. Click "Add" to create a folder

Create a Standard Message Folder
  1. Click the folder you just created, and then click "Add"

  2. Enter the content of standard message, and then click "Add" to complete the creation

Type the content of standard message

Create multiple standard message templates

If you wish to create multiple standard message templates, please follow the steps as shown below:

  1. Click Settings > Live Chat Page

  2. Click "Template Download" to download the template

Download standard message templates
  1. Open the template, and type the content according to the format in the template

  • Channels: the messaging channel that incorporates the standard message

  • Folder_name: The name of new folder

  • Team: Assigned agents

  • User: Names of the assigned agents

  • Message: Content of standard message

It is recommended to fill in the appropriate information for each column. The following is an example:

  1. After saving the file, click "Import" (only the following file formats are allowed: XLS and XLSX)

  2. Select the file you have just saved, then click "Open".

You will find a notification in the upper right corner when the import is successfully completed:

Modify and Delete standard messages

You can create, modify or cancel standard messages on the settings page. Then open the folder that you previously created in the live chat section, and then you can click to modify or delete the standard messages.

Modify and Delete standard messages

After creating multiple folders, you can also filter by messaging channels to find your folders quicker.

Filter by messaging channels