Connecting to WhatsApp Plus

Learn how to connect your WhatsApp account to ChatSmart.

If you want to connect your WhatsApp Plus after logging in to your ChatSmart account, please go to the setting page.


You can find the “Channel” button on the Settings page. It shows all channels connected to ChatSmart. If the connection is successful, the switch button below the channel icon will light up in green. On the contrary, it is displayed as a gray button.

“Channels” Page

If you want to connect any channels to ChatSmart, simply click the switch button (the gray button) and a pop-up box with a QR code will be shown.

QR barcode pop-up box to connect WhatsApp Plus

At the same time, you can scan the QR code with your phone via Whatsapp. You can turn it on as below:

  • iPhone:Tap Settings> WhatsApp webpage version / desktop version

  • Android:Click the Conversation tab> More options > WhatsApp webpage version

Before scanning this QR code, you should pay attention to the following 5 main points:

  1. Your WhatsApp chat history will be automatically exported to ChatSmart as you scan the QR code. Please ensure that your chats can be disclosed to the responsible agent.

  2. The mobile phone connected to WhatsApp Plus must be connected to the Internet/WIFI.

  3. After logging in to ChatSmart, you cannot use WhatsApp Web/ Desktop simultaneously.

  4. WhatsApp on your phone should be kept running in the background.

  5. Don't click on the "Stop Server" button to avoid disconnecting from WhatsApp on your phone.