Build Chatbot

Learn how to build chatbot and flow to enable automatic response to customer conversations.

Page introduction

To build a bot flow , you need to click the robot icon on the left menu column. The module of the robot is divided into 2 parts:

  1. Left: Type the trigger keywords or chatbot reply content

  2. Right: The bot flow

Add bot

Add bot

Before your chatbot starts working, you have to build a bot flow. Once done, the chatbot will automatically reply to the customers according to the standard message you have created in advance. Click here to learn how to create a chatbot.

Follow the steps below to set the trigger keyword and plan the bot flow

  1. Click "New Folder" and enter the folder name. Then click "Add Folder"

Add Folder
  1. Click the folder you just created, and then click "Add bot"

  2. Name the chatbot and select the messaging channel. Then click "Add"

Add bot
  1. Click on the chatbot that you have just created, then type the first trigger keyword and running time (24-hour clock). If you need a 24/7 chatbot, please enter 00:00 to 23:59 in the time field and tick all weeks.

Enter the chatbot running time and weeks

If you want the chatbot to automatically reply to all conversations ( The chatbot works without setting any prior trigger keywords), you can turn on the default function. When the green light is on, it means that the chatbot will be triggered when a new message is received.

  1. Click the green dot on the right and drag it to the right. A bot flow is thus created. You can build different flows by clicking and dragging the green dot to different positions.

Click and drag the green dot
  1. Double-click the chatbox. Then select any chat features on the left to build your chatbot. You can apply as many chat features as you like in your chatbot! No limitations and endless possibilities!

  • Send message: Edit the text content of the chatbot.

  • Question Settings:Set up the chatbot to reply to your customers through multiple choice questions that clients can reply with the choices. Each choice allows a maximum of three keywords to initiate the next message in line. There is no limit on the number of choices in a question.

  • Add tags: The incoming messages or contacts will be automatically sorted according to the tags that you have set up.

  • Assign to agents: The incoming messages will be automatically assigned to the designated teammates.

  • Delay: To add a more human touch to the chat, you can delay the Chatbot by lengthening message response time for at least 1 second, with no upper limit.

  • Integrations: You can integrate other applications or platforms with ChatSmart. The applications will be activated if the chat reaches the specified chat inbox. Feel free to contact us if you want to make sure whether your applications can be connected to ChatSmart.

To set up the question and answer chatbot for customers to reply, please follow the steps as below:

  1. After setting the trigger keywords of the first chatbot (i.e. step 4) and creating a new block (i.e. step 5), you can click the question setting option, the input box as shown below will appear on the left of the screen:

  1. Enter "Reply Content" in the "Enter Text" box (This does not include the text displayed in the option). Type the text in the dialog box. (keywords shown in the options are excluded here.)

  1. Press "Add Option", a box will pop up and enter the text displayed in the option in "Enter Value" (Cannot be left blank)

  2. Enter the keywords to trigger the next dialog in Keywords 1-3 (Each choice allows a maximum of three keywords to initiate the next message in line )

  1. Repeat step 5 to create keywords that will trigger the next bot flow.

Modify and delete dialog

To make changes about the conversation features, double-click the dialog box and select the corresponding features as shown below:

: Delete the conversation feature

:Move conversation features to change the bot flow

:Copy conversation features

To delete the entire dialog box or modify its name, double-click the dialog box, then then click bin to Delete or Pencil to rename.

Rename/ Delete dialog

Preview bot flow

After building the entire bot flow, you can preview the chatbot on a virtual phone by clicking "Preview" in the upper right corner.

Preview bot flow

You can also scan the QR barcode* with your mobile phone to experience the robot's response process in WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

*Normal mobile phone QR barcode reader will do