Broadcast messages

Understand how to broadcast messages to multiple customers at the same time and view their effectiveness

Apart from following up customer inquiries, you can also broadcast messages to many customers at the same time with ChatSmart. On the broadcast message page, you can quickly view the records of all broadcast messages, including the creation date, the sending date, and the sending status of the message.

Create broadcast message

Follow the steps below to create a broadcast campaign:

  1. Go to the broadcast system page first (i.e press )

  2. Press "New Broadcast"

  3. Enter the name of the push message record, message text (attachments* and emoticons are also supported) and scheduled sending time, then click "Next"

*The following file types are allowed as attachment:: mp3, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, mp4, m4a, webm, pdf, vcf, ogg, 3gpp, wav, mov, acc

  1. Set information to be sent to a specific customer or robot reply group (must have created a tag or a robot): select all conditions or any condition

  • All conditions:All conditions must be met

  • Any condition:Only one of the conditions needs to be me

For example: select all customers who meet the "VIP" tag will receive the broadcast message, you need to select "All Conditions" in the "User-Tag" section and add the condition "The tag is VIP"

  1. Tap the communication channel to send the messages

  2. Click "Update" to complete

Suspend broadcasting messages

There is a button next to all broadcast messages which shows the status of the message. If you have to suspend broadcasting messages , simply turn off the button. Click the button again to resume broadcasting the messages.

Edit and Copy broadcast messages

To modify the name, content, target group or send time of the broadcast message, simply select that message and click "Edit".

If you want to copy a sent message, you can click the push message you want to copy, then click "Copy", and then set the push content and time.

Find and Sort push messages

When the number of pushed information reaches a certain amount, in order to find the information more quickly, you can use the search function or sort the information. To sort the messages, you can click "Sort by" and choose to prioritize the messages that are sending, sent or not processed.

List of broadcast

View the effectiveness of broadcast messages

In addition, ChatSmart also integrates the results of broadcast messages. You can easily view the results of each broadcast message.

You simply need to select the broadcast message you want to view on the Customer Relationship Management page (i.e click ) and click "View" to view the following broadcast details:

  1. Total audience: The total number of sent broadcast messages

  2. Successful Receiver: The number of successfully sent broadcast messages to the target audience

  3. Sent/Fail Receiver: The number of broadcast messages that failed to be sent to the target audience

  4. Received Rates: The rate of successfully received messages

  5. Read Rates: The rate of read messages

  6. Reply Rates: The rate of replied messages

You can also view the status, tag, assignee and actions of each broadcast message and click "chat" to follow up customer inquiries in real time.