Create and manage tags

Learn how to use tags to manage multiple customers’ conversations

When the number of conversations increases, you can use the tag function to classify conversations in order to manage conversations more systematically, so that you can find customer conversation records more quickly.

In addition, after categorizing customers, the message can be broadcast to many customers with a few simple clicks. This can eliminate the complicated steps for you to select customers. To learn how to send push messages, please refer to the Push Message section.

View tags

To view all tags, you can go to Settings > Tag Layout, all tags will be displayed in the layout.

View tags layout

Create tags

To create a tag, you can go to Settings > Tag Layout, and click "Add". After the message pops up, enter the tag name and press the "Add" button to complete the addition.

Add tag

Edit and Delete tags

If you need to modify or delete a tag, go to Settings > Tag Layout, and click the modify key or delete key on the right of the tag. Modify the name in the pop-up box or confirm the deletion to complete the modification or delete the tag action.

Edit Tag
Remove the tag