Customer Relationship Management

Understand how to organize customers information properly using the customers relations management section.

Learn more about how our Customer Relationship Management gives you a clear overview of your customers.

You can find all customers information in the Customer Relationship Management dashboard. ChatSmart automatically creates a customer transcript that records the phone number, profile picture, first and last message read time, and text URL. You can also add more information for each customer to enrich the profile stats.

Customer Relationship Management Page

Editing customer information

To edit information or add tags, click "view" to go to the panel as shown below.

Edit customer information

Importing and exporting customer information

If there are multiple customer information needed to be added to the system, you can simply follow the steps below to use the import function:

You can import multiple customer information to the Chatsmart database by following the steps below:

  1. Click “Download Template” (under the “import” button)

  2. Input the data according to the template format*

If you wish to add a tag, you must first create a tag in the tag section. If you wish to know how to create a label, please refer to here. Click here to learn more about tags.

If you wish to add an agent, select only those on the same team.

You can also enter a custom column, in order to change the name of the column (e.g. company name) in the custom column 1-4, and then enter the customer's information below the column. Note: except for custom columns, other columns cannot be deleted or reordered.

  1. After saving the template, go back to the panel and click “import” (only accept the data in forms of XLS and XLSX)

  2. Click the template file you have just saved.

  1. The system will complete the data import and a notification will pop up.

On the other hand, if you want to export data from the ChatSmart database, simply click “Export”. You can also export the files that you have selected by ticking the box on the left.

Searching for customer information

You can use the search function to quickly search for the users you need. Simply enter the customer’s name in the search bar and click “Search” .